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CHAINS live video coming out on 06/10/23

We invited a load of our friends, both musicians and non-musicians to be part of a live video for our song Chains. Watch it on Youtube on Friday the 6th of October.

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Stomping through the murky streets of London comes something big … 

big and loud!

Rum Buffalo have been tearing up the underground music scene in the UK with a unique brand of Jazz flavoured Psych-Rock and are ready to pounce onto stage with their debut Album: 'Blood Moon'.

The album unfurls like the evil twin of the bustling metropolis that birthed them—vivid, energetic, and unpredictable.

Their recent release, Bloodmoon, is their most ambitious work to date: tracked in ten days at a converted barn in the countryside of Wales, the record burns with the limitless creativity of the individuals who make up the project. A raucous horn section and fervid beats propel the songs forward, while a haunting, women-led chorus of almost mythical proportions cackles, sings, and shouts throughout the album.

"Blown away..."

John Kennedy - Radio X



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