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Hey crowdfunder buddies, and a big


Let us start with the basics. Here's the Album we promised you all those years ago! You can listen here and download it for free!

The Timeline

So all of you patient people must be wondering what took us so long! So we thought we'd share our timeline with you so that you can see what's been going on at Rum Buff HQ, and to give you insight into how we spent your generous contributions to get to this point.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 11.35.05.png
Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 11.35.05.png


So in 2018 we were stunned by all of your generosity when we raised £10,000 to go away and record our album as well as allowing us some budget to promote it. 


We trekked off to the amazing Giant Wafer Studios in Wales where we spent 10 blissful days, writing, recording, late night experimenting. Fuelled by Leon's delicious vegan meals and by our giddy excitement, we recorded the bones of the album you hear today. With the expert skill, hard work and generous creativity of our producer Ru Lemer, and featuring the musical chops of Rosie Turton, Jamie Reibl, Harrison cole, Felix Wheldon, Nuno Brito, Jake Chapman, James Wilson and of course Jake Stevens, the Bloodmoon sound started to come together.

The Choir

Deciding that our key word for this album was 'BIG' it felt apparent to us that we needed to amass an epic choir of our favourite vocalists to complete the sound.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 12.00.36.png


Lockdown is where things got tricky for the Album. We made the decision to postpone the release until we were able to get out there and shout about it in person.

We met up virtually, regularly to keep the Buffalo spirit alive despite being deprived of the ability to make loud noises together!

First Singles

Eventually weary of waiting, and excited to start to share our recordings, we released a few of our favourite singles.

We released Screama Preacha as an collab. with the amazing Kathika, and Dark Mountain along with a 'found footage video' created by Polymath and Sax shaped Buffalo Jamie Reibl in 2020.


Coming out of lockdown

As we gradually went in and out of lockdowns, we kicked back into gear. 
Getting back into the writing room, making the music video to our 3rd single from the album 'Slumtown Nightmare' and returning to the stage with our show at Wilton's Music Hall


Now the world was opening up again, we hit the road again. Touring around the UK and Europe, meeting audiences who like us were tentatively stepping back into public spaces to express themselves!

The Album

Finally, we are ready to release the album we promised you all the way back in 2018, and early signs are exciting. We released our final single 'Sparkdreamer' back in February alongside a beautiful video madfe by Edoardo Cimatti. The money we set aside to promote has been put to good use, hiring the services of PR experts and radio pluggers. Sparkdreamer has already been picked up by national radio stations and online publications in the UK and abroad.

We can't wait for you all to finally hear the album and to repay the generosity, support and patience you've all shown over the years. This whole journey is thanks to you and we're already writing and scheming the next chapter of it!

Loads of love from all of the Buffaloes!!!

Album Art Front Cover.jpg
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