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"Surprising, perspiring, inspiring.

This is everything British indie should be." 
Fred Olafsson - Secret Solstice, Iceland


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Stomping through the murky streets of London comes something big

big and loud!

Rum Buffalo have been tearing up the underground music scene in the UK with a unique brand of Jazz flavoured Psych-Rock and are ready to pounce onto stage with their debut Album: 'Blood Moon'.

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The band started as a busking jazz troupe, entertaining tourists in London’s historic Covent Garden. As the crowds grew, so did their sound, until they finally became the leviathan they are today.


Improbable horn lines, reminiscent of big band greats such as ‘Duke Ellington’ sit amongst huge sonic landscapes provided by Jack White-esque guitar, twisted synths, and groovy rhythms.


This writhing beast of sound is jockeyed by frontman Jake Stevens who offers glimpses into dreamscape visions with his other worldly lyricism and soulful vocals.

"Led by the magnetic Jake Stevens, Rum Buffalo creates a landscape that knows no bounds" 
- Glide Magazine

Over the years, Rum Buffalo have travelled around entertaining and dazzling audiences from Istanbul to Rekjavik with their flamboyant and tight performances.

By 2019, they were playing to thousands at Glastonbury and with the support of their fans had raised the funds to write, record and release their debut album. 


Slowed down by the pandemic, the album is finally ready. ‘Blood Moon’ will be coming out in March 2023, and the band are hitting the road to share it far and wide! 

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The album is most certainly an expression of their quest for:  ‘BIG’’ with a full line up of guitars, bass, drums, synths and featuring a 3 piece horn section and a 12 piece female choir.


 It’s also a mutating monster of an album,  representative of the bands’ transformation over the years! Its hooves are firmly anchored in Rum Buffalo’s Jazz rich past and its tentacles reach past its Psych-Rock belly into the sonic unknown!


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+44 (0) 7944 490 820

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