Rum Buffalo's

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We're rum buffalo and We play explosive riff driven indie rock full of other worldly lyrical and musical imagery.  

our music is bold and loud and can add fierce texture and feeling to a range of visual stories.

Here's a pick of our top tracks.


Each one is accompanied with a list of shows we could picture hearing them on and a short reel of commercial suggestions, to give you a flavour.

Thanks for taking a look, and we'd love to hear from you if you have any questions!



Slumtown Nightmare


Menacing - Relentless - Dark

Tv show ideas

Utopia 2020 - American Horror Story - Gotham - True Detective

Z Nation - The Walking Dead

All the tunes were performed by rum buffalo and produced by ru lemer

All rights belong to rum buffalo

2018-02-17 07.36.14 1.jpg



adrenaline - fast paced

Tv show and movie ideas

Gotham - black mirror - homeland

money heist - the matrix - blade - z nation

2018-02-17 07.19.36 2.jpg



Epic - Driving - Uplifting - Climactic

Tv show and movie ideas

Peaky blinders - doom patrol - the boys

humans - sons of anarchy - titans

2018-02-17 07.54.57 1.jpg



Tv show and movie ideas

The fast and the furious

mr robot - the boys


all music written an performed by rum buffalo

produced by ru lemer

all rights belong to rum buffalo